An Englishman living in Schliersee, a beautiful small town at the side of a lake, one hour south of Munich, Bavaria. I devoted my working life to the steel industry and at the age of 60 took early retirement to explore what lay within the right hand side of my brain - the non verbal, intuitive and creative part. I explored through drawing and painting.


I am self taught and continue to learn - supporting my abilities and techniques through reading, gallery visits and studying many images from past and contemporary painters. I think it is good to always consider yourself a learner - it makes you more curious. Curiosity motivates me to paint - it challenges me to put on paper an image of my world and make it interesting and attractive for the viewer. It challenges me to select themes and images which stretch my technical abilities. As I improve it drives me to pursue even greater challenges.


My motifs are varied but grounded in reality. The subject matter does not have to be interesting in its own right but through technique and attention to light and tonal values I hope to transform it into something special. Camille Pissaro (mid 19th century painter) once said '' Blessed are those who find beauty in modest places''.


I paint in watercolour , pastel and acrylic - a choice influenced by the motif - and for portraits I work with pastels, oil and acrylic.


I find that my approach to painting is always in a state of transition, inspired by what I see, read and my own experimentation. This is what excites me about painting and this is what makes me look forward to the future and the next white space.


Paul Warburton

 July 2015



Art Gallery, Hausham, March  2014

Schliersee, August  2014 (my own Exhibition)

Art Gallery, Hausham, April 2015

Art Gallery, Hausham, May 2016

Full Exhibition at Dr Hagg & Dr Spiegl Dental Practise in Schliersee, May to July 2018.

Art Gallery, Hausham, May 2019

Alte Brennerei Gallery, Ebersberg - 3rd Annual Exhibition of the German Watercolour Society.  My painting "Here comes the Sun" was selected to hang by a 5 person international Jury. July 2016.

Galerie im Schlösschen, Naumburg (Saale), 4th Annual Exhibition of the German Watercolour Society. March 2017.

PAN Kunstform Emmerich am Rhein, 5th Annual Exhibition of the German Watercolour Society. March / April 2018.

The 66th Annual Bayrischzell Kunstausstellung - August / September 2019

The 5th Annual Irschenberger Ausstellung - November 2019.



Member of:

German Watercolour Society

Hausham Artists Group