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The Pond

Pastel 60 x 50cms

The white house by the sea

Aquarelle 70 x 50cms

St Martin Church Schliersee

Acryl  70 x 50cms canvas

Boats in the Arachon Bay

Aquarelle  60 x 50cms


Saint Emilion France

Acryl  80 x 60cms canvas


White cottage in Cornwall

Aquarelle 60 x 50cms

Coming Home

Acryl  60 x 40cms canvas

Fishing on Schliersee

Acryl      Sold

A village in Alsace

Pastel   Sold

Trees in Cornwall

Pastel 50 x 40cms

English Countryside

Aquarelle 50 x 40cms

Station Control Schliersee

Aquarelle 60 x 50cms

 Fishing Hut on Schliersee

Pastel 60 x 40cms



Autumn Morning Schliersee

Aquarelle      Sold

Winters sun Wasserburg

Aquarelle 70 x 50cms

Trees near Biederitz

Pastel    Sold

Sunsetting over the fields Yorkshire

Aquarelle   70 x 50cms

Storm Clouds over the Algarve

Aquarelle 60 x 50cms

River Inn Wasserburg

Aquarelle 60 x 50cms