Winter walkers

Acryl   Sold

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Here comes the sun

Aquarelle 60 x 50cms

Low Tide

Aquarelle   60 x 50 cms

January 24, 2017 Schliersee

Acryl 70 x 50cms canvas


Saint Leonhardi Day

Acryl Sold

Ducks on the Elbe, Magdeburg

Aquarelle  60 x 50cms


Acryl Private collection

The Trabant

Aquarelle   Sold

A quiet Village

Acryl Sold

The orange tablecloth

Acryl 100 x 70cms canvas

Robin Hood Bay Yorkshire

Acryl 80 x 60cms canvas

The Tower

Acryl 80 x 50cms canvas

When the boat comes in

Acryl  80 x 60cms canvas



Toby and Hannah

Acryl    Sold

Boats resting

Aquarelle 60 x 50cms

The red oil can

Aquarelle  private collection

Footprints in the snow, Usedom

Acryl 100 x 70 canvas